Rome Reports interviews Pablo Licheri

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This app tells you what time and where mass is: it is one of the most downloaded in the world.

It is one of the most downloaded applications to know where to go to mass. It is available in nine languages and is very useful when traveling for work or vacation.

Pablo Licheri, founder of the Catholic Mass Times application, was interviewed by Rome Reports during his latest trip to Rome. To see the full interview, click here!

As the note says, “The good thing about the application is that the users themselves can point out if the parish has undergone schedule changes. The team that manages this application will update it.

Rome Reports, the television agency on the Pope and the Church, and one of the most prestigious in the Catholic field, stresses the intention behind the Catholic Mass Times project: “to help Christians grow in Eucharistic devotion to the help Christians grow in Eucharistic devotion.“.

In the interview, Rome Reports mentions how the application came about, and the advantages of using Catholic Mass Times, mainly the possibility of sending timetable updates and having them corrected in a very short time.

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