Celebrating 10 years
Catholic Mass Times

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Let’s celebrate

Catholic Mass Times’

10th anniversary!

Dear friend of Mass Times,


We are in a very special month for you and us: on March 19th, the feast of Saint Joseph, our app turned 10 years old!

Throughout this decade, we have grown together, strengthened our faith, and, above all, served the global Catholic community in a very special way. Thanks to God’s immense help and your collaboration, we have reached goals we could only dream of when we launched!

In this significant month, I want to share with you some of our recent achievements, which are proof of our constant evolution and commitment to our mission:

  • This month, we reached 1,600,000 downloads and 85,000 churches published in the app.
  • 60,000 people have contributed by sending data over these 10 years.
  • We just launched new pages on our website, translating it into 6 languages.
  • We started publishing articles that we hope will interest you.

These achievements are also yours, the fruit of your effort, support, faith, and interest in helping others.

But today, I especially want to thank the team members who work so hard to provide excellent service: Carolina, Vicky, Pilar, Julia, Valentín, Santiago, Camilo, Hernán, Andrés, Agus, and Ezequiel, as well as others who have been part of the team over these years: Tomás, José, Joaquín, María, Corrado, thank you for your effort and dedication! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I also want to give a very special thanks today to my wife Paula (the main donor of this project and the one who prays the most for its founder) and to everyone who has made financial contributions, sent data, helped in many other ways, and prayed for this project to continue growing. THANK YOU!!! ❤️❤️❤️

In such a special moment, I invite you to join us in a prayer of thanksgiving to God. Let’s give thanks for being granted the privilege to work on this project, for the blessings received over these 10 years, and because He has allowed us to be instruments so that millions of His children can be closer to Him. Also, let’s pray together for guidance and help to continue improving our work, bringing His word and love to every corner where needed!  Our Father…

If you feel compelled to support our work so that the app can continue growing and serving many more souls, I invite you to join the (still very small) group of people who make a monthly or annual donation here on this page. It would be spectacular if we could get at least 1% of the users to join this call because that would allow us to grow this app much more. Can you do it now? Of course, you can cancel it whenever you wish.

May God continue to bless you abundantly, and may your generosity stand as a testimony of your faith.


Catholic Mass Times - Pablo Licheri


“None of us, including me, do great things.
But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”
– Mother Teresa

These are the reasons why other people have already donated:

“You guys for me are very helpful. When I travel or when someone asks about masses or temples.”

“The good work the app does.”

“The app is very good, very useful especially when you are traveling and getting to unfamiliar places and financial help is always required to make it work and lend usefulness!!!”

“How useful the app is.”

“Show some appreciation and gratitude to those who created and made this very useful tool available.”

“It’s a great tool for the most important thing in Catholic worship.”

“This app has helped me a lot, I felt it was only fair to show my gratitude.”

“How useful the application is for those who never want to leave Holy Mass.”

“The good they do with their labor.”

“We have to help as lay people all forms of evangelization.”

“I think the app is spectacular, its contribution to evangelization and to the service of Catholics.”

“Helping people attend Mass.”

“Give them back some of so much they did and do.”

“The longing to share the Word of God to many people.”

“How useful and worldwide it is!”

“To repay them for their service and help it continue and be sustained.”

“It’s a pretty good app, I have collaborated because I think your work is important in the world.”

“I love the app, I have been using it for several years and it allows me to get the masses in different countries around the world. I am grateful to have this application free of charge. My contribution is what I pay for other apps for daily use but which do not open the gates of heaven for me. God and Our Lady bless you.”

“We must help each other among Catholics for the glory of the Lord!”

“It’s an app that I love and with my donation I hope it continues to include more Catholics and Churches!”

“Holy Mass is the center and the root of our Faith. It is at Mass that Christ comes to meet us in body and soul. Over the years, you have helped me to be able to attend Mass in Mexico and when I am in other countries. If there is anything I can do to help this apostolate to continue, I will do it with great pleasure”.

“I want to always have this service because I like to go to Mass during the week and sometimes you don’t know where there is one.”

“I was inspired by the app’s enormous usefulness, its impact on the lives of so many Catholics and how much it allows us to be close to our faith when we travel and want to find a Catholic church nearby.”

“It is an extremely useful app, especially if you are traveling and need to find a church and/or mass to attend. Great help, thank you!”

“It’s a very good app! It helps me go to Mass wherever I am.”

“For me the app is very useful.”

“When I travel I sometimes struggle to find Mass in the place where I go…I found it very helpful for all Catholics that it is really fundamental to have Holy Mass.”

“It is an application that I find very useful and use with some frequency.”

“I feel that this application does enormous good for the community and can continue to do so in the future if it continues to be developed, under a sense of free of charge.”

“I use the app a lot and it is an excellent idea to make life easier for us Catholics! Thank you very much!”

“Because I find the app very useful and it would be nice if it could be useful to more and more people and they could check the Mass schedules in more places.”

“The great usefulness it has for all Christians.”

“The desire that every day more and more people come to Holy Mass regardless of place, distance, language…”

“It is the app that has helped me the most to find mass wherever I travel, I think it is important to help the app reach many people, in the future it could be useful for communities to participate more with their nearby churches announcing activities, etc.”

“Because of how important the application is to me and how much it serves me wherever I go, thank you very much.”

“We must cooperate in the growth of projects that bring us closer to the sacraments, especially to the Eucharist and Catholic Mass Times makes it perfect. Congratulations.”

“It is an app that has truly served me, I can say that more than all the others I have because by fulfilling its mission (going to Mass, confession, spiritual direction, etc.) you feed the soul and the apps are mostly to feed desire (games, gambling, social networks).”

“My wife and I go to mass every day and travel a lot, this app has been very helpful and I really like that as soon as I pass them updated information they modify the data immediately to make it more useful.”

“The effort they make to inform and maintain.”