How you can Contribute

Catholic Mass Times provides a free service for all Catholics worldwide. It is supported by the faithful Catholic themselves (crowd-funded). Our app allows finding churches in more than 160 countries and has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times.
Our team verifies and publishes over 3,000 data updates each month.
Online donation
Your donation is vital to:
  • Cover the cost of the technical infrastructure.
  • Grow the number of churches we serve and keep their mass times updated more frequently.
  • Develop new app features. The most requested ones will be developed sooner thanks to your donation!
Join as volunteer

You can collaborate by dedicating a little time each week to verify the information that all of our users submit and upload it correctly to our system.

You can also with the diffusion and communication with the press. Please contact us by email if you are interested in joining our team.

Send or verify data

You can compare the data on our app with the Mass times on the billboard or bulletin of each church in your area. You can click the ‘Confirm everything is OK’ button if we have it correct, or the ‘Report Error’ button if we should make any update or addition.

You can also help by sending data about a church we don’t yet have in our app using the ‘+ icon’ at the top of the screen, or sending the phone number or email address of a church that is missing them.

Share our news!

Helping to spread the news about the existence of this app by placing this flyer on the billboard of your parish and giving us a “Like” on our Facebook page.

Give us a like on Facebook!

“Catholic Mass Times” is supported by the Nuestra Señora de la Merced foundation, located at Esmeralda 759, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to contribute to the location of physical places where people can go to live their Catholic faith and join the activities of spiritual formation and solidary aid that are developed in Catholic churches and parishes.