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I am Pablo Licheri, founder of the Catholic Mass Times app. Thank you for wanting to become a CMT Ambassador.

CMT is a valuable resource that helps over 130,000 Catholics each month and 500,000 each year find a nearby church to attend Holy Mass.

Catholic Mass Times App is FREE for EVERYONE.
With no hidden monetization schemes. Catholic Mass Times relies on the generosity of its users to continue providing its services. 



Because the app is free, more than a million people who wouldn’t otherwise have had it, have already used it to get closer to God in the Holy Sacrifice of the altar. 

And that’s priceless.


Unlike many apps, we don’t ask for paid subscriptions or in-app purchases to access special features. We don’t hide the best behind a paywall.
And that is because we want to help as many Catholics as possible get closer to God using all the best functionalities we can develop.

Because you enjoy using the app and highly value this service, I encourage you to consider becoming a Monthly Supporter to help keep Catholic Mass Times up and growing.

Your monthly contribution is critical to Catholic Mass Times for three reasons:

Reason #1: Growth and fresh data. Your monthly contribution allows us to increase the visibility and use of Catholic Mass Times. Visibility means people finding our app either in mobile app stores, reading about it on the internet, parish bulletins, and even flyers that we distribute. More visibility and more app usage is directly linked to serving more parishes and having more frequently updated data for all users, and your donation helps us keep working hard to do just that.

Reason #2: Continuous improvement. The app needs constant updates to keep working correctly on new operating system versions and new phones, either from a technical standpoint or with additional features that become mandatory. This means my team and I are constantly getting feedback from users, crash reports, reviewing Apple and Google policy changes, and performance metrics. We review this information carefuly to determine what needs to be done to keep providing an excellent service.

Reason #3: Grow our team. Your monthly donation significantly improves Catholic Mass Times’ ability to retain team members and provide them with the opportunity to work on specific projects for longer durations. This not only avoids the loss of knowlege and accelerates the completion of projects but also enables us to undertake more ambitious initiatives with confidence, knowing that we can sustain them until they yield fruitful results.

Always focused on one goal: helping Catholics receive the Grace that transforms their lives and provides a ray of hope.

Your monthly donation plays a crucial role in our operations by allowing us to sustain our work pace without interrupting it to request additional one-time donations. Your ongoing support enables us to continue our mission confidently.

I invite you to join my wife and me in supporting the Catholic Mass Times app through a monthly donation of $9, $19, $29, $99, $129, or whatever amount works best for you and your family. Your support allows us to keep providing and improving this impactful service to the Church worldwide.

Thank you for being part of our mission to get people closer to God in all nations.

May God bless you abundantly,

Pablo Licheri

Founder of the Catholic Mass Times app


Pablo Licheri


“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”
– Mother Teresa


What previous donors said: 


“Help keep active and improve a service that I consider very important for Catholics.”

“Love the app!”

“I believe in your work.”

“Facilitating the participation of people in the single greatest event of all time.”

“I just find the app extremely helpful.”

“Great initiatives need support.”

“It’s a very good cause, and I need to go to Mass every Sunday no matter where in the world I am.”

“I really appreciate this service and would like to see some tweaking occur.”

“Big fan of the app!”

“I use the app nearly on a daily basis to find masses in Madrid and when I have to travel due to work.”

“This is the first time I see this email about donating for the app and I use it almost every week. So I just wanted to contribute a bit.”

“I have used the app many times as I travel and when I do I need to find the nearest catholic church to attend Mass.”

“It has helped me many times to find mass in different places.”

“It’s very helpful to have updated info about churches around the world. I use the app often, thank you!”

“I use this app and I want to help”

“I travel a lot, and daily Mass is essential in my schedule and lodgment planning. All my activities come after the daily Mass is granted. Then your app became essential to me and others in a similar situation.”

“To thank you for the information”

“I travel a lot and I attend mass daily every where I go. So this app is for me fantastic and very accurate. Thank you very much for helping me find masses around the world.”

“Thanks to your app, I have been able to find mass in so many places, when on vacation or in my own city! Mass is Jesus giving himself to us, and everything that facilitates us participating in Mass is worthwhile.”